Wednesday, April 21, 2004

linkage mess up

I came back to link all the yarn and pattern refrences from that previous post, and found out that Peaches & Creme yarn from Elmore-Pisgah Incorporated has almost no web presence at all. I found one website, that sells some of their yarn, but not all. Anyway, the color I have (that zebra yarn) is called #149 Dalmation and it's variegated white, grey, black. Now I'm worried. I can't remember exactly where I got it, and no one seems to carry it, and I have only 2 skeins and need at least 8 for my tank top. Eeeek. I think I got it at (shame, oh, the shame) Wal Mart, but they don't even have the crafts section on their website, and I couldn't find it on Joann or Hancock or Hobby Lobby either. Weaaaahh!

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