Thursday, October 21, 2004

I rock.

If only I really was a drunken, wastrel pirate with a speech impediment. Then I could truly be happy! I haven't heard about the better job yet but I know I will. I'm excited about it and going to work in the meantime is only as depressing and painful as I let it be. Which is unfortunately pretty damn depressing and painful, but at least I know that the problem is really me. Hee hee.

Tomorrow I'm posting pictures of my Hallowigs to here and the wig-along for everyone to see, but while I was taking pictures of them and getting all fired up and knitting on them some I realized that I somehow skipped three decreases all at the same marker on the black wig. I don't know how many times I have to say it, people. Don't knit drunk, I tell you. In related news, I trimmed my hair the other night. Anyway, picture picture picture, bitch bitch bitch. Thanks for listening.
Good night.

p.s. Kathey, I'm writing you a letter tomorrow also. I would do it tonite but I'm really sleepy and I have tomorrow off, and I'm so excited about getting some good sleep and maybe being in a good mood tomorrow that I have to go do it! Loves ya! Talk to you tomorrow!