Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm a bad girl...

I was supposed to put in three applications for work today and I only did one. Online. So even though I put on my interview clothes and sweated all over them, I might as well have filled it out in my undies. Which maybe wouldn't have gone over as well when I went to the grocery store later, but whatever.
And tomorrow, I'll be driving to Wharton (15 minutes away) to put in four more apps, so that might be cool. They are for mostly menial positions, a housekeeper at a motel and a receptionist at an old folk's home and such (today's was at a new truck stop here in town) but I'm hoping for some good solid work/pay for a few months.

I've been knitting a lot lately, too. I finished one armhole trim on the Shapely Tank and the one strip of my afgan. Whooot! Only nine more to go! I cast on two that are alike to knit at the same time. And I learned to cable! Yayyy! I knit this hat for my mom months ago:

But as you can see it makes a better yamulka than a hat, so I'm going to take the cable strip I've been knitting and make it long enough to attach on to the lower edge and maybe cast back on and do some ribbing and it will be a good winter hat, cover her ears and stay on and whatnot. I swear I'm going to post pictures of all this knitting stuff, tomorrow. Jeez I hope no prospective employers read this, I'm beginning to realize that the blog is many things, and among them a comprehensive record of my inability to follow through on a deadline. Every post is all, "I swear I'm going to post pictures soon," or a description or whatever, then I don't do it for two weeks. Anyway, I might soon work at Buc-ee's (yes, that is a beaver) or maybe HEB (they just built a new store in town and are having a job fair Friday at a church. Makes me kind of uneasy. But they have great benefits?) or one of my other prospects, so I'm happy.
Course, I'm drinkin' whiskey, so maybe that's why I'm happy. You can never tell with me. Hee!