Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Am I Political or Not?

The folks at have come up with a novel idea: to take their power over their particular demographic and use it for good, instead of evil. Specifically, they're encouraging people to vote by asking them to pledge to do it, then entering them in a sweepstakes for $100,000. Once you enter there's even a link to Rock the Vote where you can fill out and print a voter registration form if you need to register to vote or change any information. I changed my address, since I've moved since the last time I voted and would like to not drive to Austin on election day, and I added a political party affiliation. I wasn't going to because I've already missed the opportunity to participate in any primaries and stuff, but I decided to go ahead and do it in case it makes them "really" count your vote or something. If you want to choose a party but, like me are too lazy to figure out which one is appropriate, you can use this questionnaire to figure it out. Oh, c'mon. You're reading a blog, you obviously love questionnaires and surveys. Just do it!