Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Arrrgghhhaaaahhhhhh! Stab me in the face!

I'm sooo MR. So here's how my day went. Mom and I went to the local computer store (run by her best friend's brother, Skeeter. God I love rural Texas. His real name is Jesse cause he's named after his dad, Ed.) to find out about putting in the usb port, which would end up running about $40 installed, and to see about updating windows because we're still running '98 and it's starting to fall apart. And Skeeter has said before that our 'pewter is about too old to work on (4 1/2 yrs), and mom is sick of pouring money into it, so we end up talking about a new one, which he's going to give us a great deal on, it has a 256 Whatchamacallit and an AMD Thingywhoosie and he'll charge us $600 for the whole thing, we bring in our backups and programs and old computer and he'll switch the whole thing over, 90 days, same as cash. But because of all the hospital stuff and not knowing for sure that dad's gonna be okey dokey, we want to think about it for a few days, so he says, if you've got your camera right here, why don't you just use my computer to put the pictures on disk, save you some trouble. So I hook it up to the usb cable, get the program going, and because I'm used to a trackball and he's got a mouse, my finger stutters and I delete all 37 pictures from the camera memory card before the program was open even 30 seconds. I'm sick. There were some really cute ones of me, and let's be honest, I'm about as photogenic as a stomach pump, so that's never gonna happen again. I'm gonna go cry my big, MR sobs now.

Do I seem like a guy to you?

Because I apparently am. Please, please, please go take this test and then let me know if the results were correct or not? Please? Because I've taken it twice, the first time it was 74% positive I was a dude, and the second time (I purposefully put it out of my mind and waited until I ran across it accidentally, three months later) it was 86% positive I was a dude. Rest assured, I have performed a thourough naked search of myself, and I am most definitely a girl. A slightly freaked out, kind of insulted girl. I mean, I'm a tomboy. I'm a little butch. Okay. I know I'm boyishly charming. But 86%? I'm gonna have that put on a t-shirt. "Kiss Me! I'm 86% Boy!" It seems so unfair to have to be mostly boy when I can't do any of the really cool boy things, like shoot pool without being a danger to myself and others, or pee standing up, or get a bj. I keep checking just to make sure I'm not growing a peen.