Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I have triumphed over my camera!

I have triumphed over my computer! I have triumphed over my stomach virus! I feel victorious, well, non-pukirific, and smart! Also, here are some photos:

Shapely Tank is vanquished!

Vanquished I tell you!    Yeah, what she said.  Mwwwaaah haa haaaa

Here are the promised pictures of the kid:

Ohh, they look like angels when they're sleeping, having fallen asleep reading a Far Side calendar... Pants-head, pants-head, she wears pa-aaants on her head!
And here are some pictures of my lovely, even-tempered, angelic adorable cat, because this is, after all, a knitting blog:

     She's my little angel-sugar-dumpling-darling!  Yes she is!  Ouch!
I'm rubbing my head on you because I OWN you, not because I LIKE you.  When my eyes shine you will feel weak and willing to do my bidding...

More news later, I have to go put in a second job app for today!