Monday, September 27, 2004

Guess who's gainfully employed as of today?

It wasn't George W., either. I start Wednesday. It's just a little throwaway convienence store/deli counter job, making shit wages, but the important part is, there are actual wages involved. You know, besides like, the wages of sin and everything. I'm so excited about and focused on getting my first paycheck, I think I'll be the best employee they've ever had. I went to the thrift this afternoon and bought a bunch of ugly polo shirts so I can meet the dress code and so if I get anything ucky on them I can just throw them away. It was bag sale day, so there's another big bonus!

I had to sign a confidentiality agreement today saying I wouldn't give away any proprietary information about their customers or vendors or procedures or organization, so I guess any work-related blogging will have to be maddeningly vague. Maddening to me, anyway. I've worked in retail a looooong time and I know how to bitch about work without telling tales out of school, but it's kind of funny to have this paper I signed hanging over my head.