Friday, September 01, 2006

Best boquet EVER

My mom and grandma and brother all give me plant cuttings whenever I visit. Sometimes it's a plant I know and love, sometimes it's a mystery plant. Last time I was home all three of them gave me and Jasper cuttings of this kind of plant, which I've always loved because the stems or spines or fingers or whatever of the plant are soft as a kitten. I had just forgotten until my brother reminded me that the flowers smell like rotting meat because they're from South Africa and they're pollinated by flies. Soooooo awesome. Jasper sent me the above link because he couldn't stand not knowing their name after finally finding a flower he could love. Here is a Google search about stinking flowers. I really love the Stapelia gigantea simply because I have several, but among the others I can't decide if my favorite is Dead Horse Arum or Stinking Corpse Lily. E-mail me if you live in Austin and want a cutting of S. gigantea when I separate them in the spring.


This is such a cruel song. If there really was a place I could go live and spend all day wasting job, no responsibilities...just look for my lost shaker of salt all afternoon and then maybe take a swim. I wouldn't even care if I stepped on a pop-top and blew out my flip-flop. I might even get a new tatoo...

That's right, it's been stuck in my head for over 32 hours now. And people wonder why I'm so irritable sometimes. Jimmy Buffett wrote that song the year I was born and my parents used that as an excuse to expose me to it literally thousands of times. And now I'm an alcoholic. Call CPS. A point of interest: I wrote this whole post, then I looked up a link to the lyrics to check them, since I wasn't 100% sure "pop-top" was right. I had no idea, nor do I even now, what in the hell he's talking about about the sponge cake. Traditional island fare?