Tuesday, June 15, 2004

knitting knews

I've been away so long I can't remember anything, so I'm slowly reading my own damn archive to know what I've already said ad nauseam. I think I haven't shown this picture before, of the bottom 1/3 of the front of my Shapely Tank (visit the blog-along-pink button, over there somewhere) or the first strip of my afgan, so here they are:

I'm -alonging as fast as I can!  Single strand 1/1 rib in 5in wide strips 5ft long until it's square?  Great idea!  Aarrggggghhhha!  Put out my eyes, I'm sick of this!

Coming later today: a fascinating explanation of how my image hosting solution was literally something a monkey could have figured out all along; pictures of my brother's beautiful Audi before and after some total hosebeast from Cali totalled it and nearly killed him and disappeared with no insurance; pictures of several new and old projects with excruciating, link-ridden explanations of exactly how I'm knitting them; a discussion of Arizona's "The Thing?", and approximately three uses of my new favorite word, 'dickhole,' for which you can thank Jessica.

Anybody out there?

I'm back! I've figured out my photo hosting problems, so there should be a couple pictures down there and more will be coming soon...of course, I pulled my old retard/boner act and accidentally deleted all my trip pictures, so you can't see any of those, (I'm banging my head on the monitor as you read this), but I've got some saved up from before that that I've been waiting and waiting to show you...see you in the morning!