Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Happy Easter, ya'll!

My Easter present to all of you is to direct you to this site about peeps, and this one, so that you never doubt the fact that, even though peeps are disgusting, there is a good reason that they make 824 qintillion of them every year. Also, please, please do not click here unless you have already lost all hope. Seriously, yo, it's evil.

Dad's home now

The test showed his arteries and what not to be completely healthy, so he's just wired wrong. They started him on the medication Monday, and he'll take it for the forseeable future. We got home yesterday afternoon sometime between 3 and 4 and are all exausted, tho dad is understandably much more so. He's supposed to rest until Monday, go see his regular doctor to get cleared for work, then see the cardiologist in Victoria in six weeks to follow up. I feel positive that he'll be fine from now on, my mom thinks that's retarded, everything's back to normal.