Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Long time, no blog.

I know I haven't written in a long time, and I feel bad about it. I've been moving back to Austin and mostly when I get near a computer I've just driven two hours and schlepped a good amount of my worldly goods either into or out of a house, so I usually just want to sleep. But now I've got the greater balance of my stuff out of my folks' house and arranged here, and I'm really happy and ready to write. I've even had some good posts in my head and haven't had the energy to put them on till now.

One thing I wanted to talk about before this is how incredibly moving I still find the fact that anyone reads me at all (you all know who you are). I'll lay off posting for a few weeks and get a few e-mails about it, and that's really incredible to me, but even more so is the occasional offhand remark. The first time I brought a load of stuff up, someone came by the house to visit for a minute, and we were talking about all the bizarre weather lately, and I said, "It snowed a foot at my parents' house!" and she said, "I know, that was insane. I liked the pictures you put up." or something similarly familiar and complimentary, and I kind of almost cried a little. So you guys rock. Every time you read this miasma of whatever, every time you think about it or e-mail or mention it or put on a comment (everyone's invited!) I really feel blessed to have such great friends.

The other thing is that I love my new house. I feel all conflicted about leaving my parents (mom was putting on the "My baby is leaving me, and I'll never have another!" show nearly hourly until I moved out the last of my clothes, and now they're talking about moving out of state next month.)...again, and I'm scared about getting back into the swing of Austin and having enough money and being good enough, but I overall love being here and the house is great, and my housemates are great, and I love being back. Yayy! That's all for right now. Scroll down a little farther and look at the snow pictures again. Hey, and thanks.