Friday, October 01, 2004

Not talking about my job today

It's still kind of weird to me to even have a job after so long, and it's really kind of frustrating to talk about it. It isn't terribly hard or challenging, and I've done jobs way harder, whether we're talking mentally or physically. And almost (I'd say 98.6% of about 80 people) everyone is being really nice and understanding and helpful, and I'm not the only new kid, so my mistakes aren't in the spotlight so much. But I'm totally out of shape and condition, so standing for 8 hours is killing me, and I know I'll get stronger almost immediately, but when I hit the wall I want to quit.

Oh, I guess I am talking about my job today. I just keep telling myself, "You can do this. This is nothing, you can totally do this. There are people here who can do this who are waaaaayy less smart and resourceful than you. And someone still might call you back for a better job..." I'm off tomorrow, and I plan to drink all day so I won't be hungover on Sunday when I work again. I'm actually too tired and sore to drink tonite, if you can believe it. I mean, really.

I wrote a really long, really positive upbeat post about the job day before yesterday, but when I clicked 'save as draft' my computer re-started and Jesus erased that post because He hates lies and the lying liars that tell them. Or something like that, I'm watching The 700 Club because my feet really hurt and I want to press them up against the screen when that blond lady starts healing people. Maybe if she mentions my screaming, melting feet I'll turn Baptist or something. Okay, okay, really this is just what comes on after Whose Line is it Anyway? and I'm too lazy to get up and find the clicker.

Okay, post over, I'm going to take a hot bath and read my book. G'nite!