Thursday, October 28, 2004

new posty goodness

I've done my new job orientation yesterday and I like my boss tolerably well and I start on Monday (with a tiny second orientation on Saturday). I'm working for the company that does those demos for HEB, I'm going to be a demo lady. It pays way better than the truckstop/smokehouse job and I have 5 co-workers instead of 80, one manager instead of 6, and a much higher degree of autonomy. Plus I'll be getting a larger raise sooner if I do a good job and there's several chances for advancement in the next months that would get me more hours, more responsibilty and recognition, and most importantly, higher pay. Our town's new, enormous HEB is opening on Monday, so that's what the orientation of Saturday is about. We get a sneak peek at the new store so we know where everything is on Monday. I'm actually kind of excited about the grand opening, in a sick, corporate kind of way.

Oh, here's photos of Hallowigs:

Here's the red one.  You can't see the cables that well in the photo, which is just as well because they're sort of ugly.
here's the black one partially done.  I've already joined it in the round with the largest size of dpns I have, a size smaller than what I knit the rest of it it.  This will prove to be a mistake.
A slightly different view of the black Hallowig.
Here's the black one done and on me.  I have the world's most enormous head, and a fair amount of hair, so the too-smallness of the crown is exaggerated.
My head is not really this lumpy, it's just the way I pinned up my hair.