Monday, July 05, 2004

Knitting Rock-Along news

My tiny candy pink knit jolly roger is up! It's the last picture at the bottom of the page, the link is over there in the sidebar under knitting, under "knit-alongs." The page explains exactly what a rock-along is and there are super cool pictures of what everyone else did. I'm going to get going on the project for my niece Bella soon so that can go up, as well. I can't tell exactly what it is, cause it's a secret, but it includes a rock-along design, a pocket, and an ultra special secret-secret component too secret to name here. Also, the new Knitty is out! Yayyy! And you will want to see it, because everyone has rocked and rolled and produced the sexiest designs they can stand, including the designer from White Lies Design, and remember, Knitty designs are free! I can't wait to point Jess here so she can pick out the pattern for her super secret surprise bikini or halter top, 'cause I think there'll be one there she'll like.

And now, totally negating my rock-along wannabe coolness, shots of my latest project, the dread knitted kitty from Woolworks:
Before I finished the tail and stuffed and blocked it.  Oh, yes, I blocked it.I know, I'm a super lame freak.I knitted it a little ruffle to go around it's neck.  Please send help.Looking directly at the kitty may cause spinsterhood, multiple cat ownership, and total knitting dorkiness.
Don't worry, I'm heading right over to Knitty and making myself a corset or something.


I don't have any knitting stuff to talk about because I've been too busy reading about knitting online to actually do any knitting. Well, I finished knitting the body of that kitty I was talking about, despite the fact that the instructions just sort of peter out around the nose and the rest of it is vaguer than my resume cover letter. I just cast on the tail and am about 1/3 of the way down it...I'd show you pictures but the computer and camera aren't speaking. I've moved the cable to different ports, I've done every troubleshoot in the little book it came with...yesterday the computer just arbitrarily decided that the camera is "D drive" and the cd is now "E drive." Although that might have been my fault, I was mucking around with the booklet and it said to try switching the cam to "mass storage." And sometimes when I take the camera out of the cradle and put it back in, everything works like a charm. But not often and not right now. I'm losing my mind trying to figure it out, but right now I'm too fucking tired to bother about it. Anyway, the Tank is kind of stalled, definite second-sock-syndrome going on, it has taken me 4 days to get most of the way through the "knit 14 rows even" at the waist. I can't remember whether I posted the last pics here or the Shapely Blog, but I've progressed about an inch since then. It's really hot and sweaty. I mowed most of the back yard and baked a cake this weekend. More on the cake when I can actually get to my pictures. I made banana pudding, which I would never voluntarily waste my time on, but which my mom loves. The cat wants me to go to bed, and I think I will...good night, good night...