Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Post

I'm not very imaginitive tonight. I've been drinking beer and talking to my roomate (Jessica) and my neighbor (Jasper) and messing with the dog (Bella) and basically doing the same thing I've been doing since I moved in here at the end of this last January. The only thing is that I've gotten a cost-of-living raise for moving to Austin and a couple of merit raises for doing my job right (practically the first time since I started working outside my family at 18) and am maybe going to get a raise if I start being a "team leader" next week. Plus, I'm working about 30 hours a week now. Yayy! Money rocks!
The down side is that my job is still basically the same, although I went from working in one store in my hometown to working in whatever store I could get hours in here in Austin, to working one tiny store in my old (bad vibe) neighborhood where it's hard to sell anything because everyone who comes in is either 1)Extremely old AND senile AND deaf or 2)A total hippie and only eats granola and yoghurt or 3)Just doesn't want a sample for some reason. This is trying to me because, as some of you may remember, my job consists of standing around a grocery store and handing out samples of things I hope the customers will want to buy, then giving them a (very) short sales pitch about why they should. It's really a fun job, unless some really senile and deaf old lady (or a drunk vagrant) needs you to run over the salient parts of the sales pitch about seven times. Or some hippie mom with three kids needs to berate you for the use of Red Coloring #7 in the product you nearly gave her kids, for 1/2 an hour. Then there are the people who just don't want a sample. I think I'm wearing them down, tho. They're very polite ("No, thank you, ma'am.") but they just don't want to try it. My first demo at my new store was taquitos and popsicles, and I just did queso dip, so it doesn't look good. I mean, who turns down a popsicle or some queso, free? But maybe they just need to get used to me. Since I'll be working 5 days a week in their grocery store, they will. There's already a couple of creepy old people (one with a truly scary wig, which I will talk more about in a later post) who are so used to me they talk to me for hours while I pretend they're invisible.
So anyway, everything is pretty ok. I love my house, I love Jess and Bella, I love talking to Jasper every day or so and seeing or talking to Kathey and Mary every day and doing my job well, so I'm happy. Yayyy! I'll see you tomorrow.

Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm baaaaaaaa-accckkk!

I finally got my computer set up and started making enough money that we could splurge and get high-speed...Yayy! So here I am, actually making a post. My friend Jasper predicted that now that I have a job and a semi-social life (mostly consisting of sitting on my porch with Jasper, smoking and being jaded) and am occasionally leaving the house for totally non-work-related reasons, that I would not regain interest in the blog or need to be interesting and funny for it, since I know actual humans now with which to converse. Which is ridiculous, because the blog always listens raptly and never interrups me. Or thinks I'm silly, or makes a face when I mention I have a blog. Jasper. No, he's really nice and funny and cool and interesting, none of that is true except the 'oh, I'm kindof embarrased for you' face he made upon hearing about the blog.

Anyway, I'm working more and still have no money for various reasons (most of them sold at Pronto), I'm guardedly optimistic about the future and totally done writing for right now, but I'll see you later.