Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm so very cool

I really am. I'm having the best few days here. If only I could get motivated and do some of the things on my list instead of lying around, thinking about how cool I am, I might even get to feel this way for a while.
What I mean is, my pattern is to have a few really good days, slack off doing nothing but having fun and thinking about my coolness factor, and then reap the horrible consequenses durning the next few days while lying around thinking about what a failure I am and how I never, ever do anything fun or am cool. Yep, you figured it out. I'm nuts. And here's pretty much the whole list of what I wanted to do today:

1. Walk the dog. (partially done)
2. Clean my room. (been "in progress" for weeks)
3. Try to clean out the bathroom drains and get the rocks out of them. (accomplished!)
4. Blog. (we'll see how that turns out in a minute)

Yes, I know. How on Earth can you possibly "partially" walk a dog?!? I don't know. You kind of have to watch me do it. Also, why do I need to get rocks out of my drains? Or, more pertinently, why do I have rocks in my drains? Well, see, they're really spiritual rocks and...Oh, hell, it's really complicated and involves alcohol. They're out, okay?

Anyhoo, why don't you buggers start putting comments? I want you to. (They don't exist, Kel, they're all in your head.) Oh. I guess I'll just go clean my room, then.