Monday, August 14, 2006

That's right: summarily shot!

I have this weird tendancy to work a lot in one or two weeks, then to sit around on my ass until I'm completely out of money before I maniacally start working again. Luckily I've landed in an industry where work is so in supply and workers so in demand that I can do this. For a while longer, anyway. Until the stress kills me. I'm having a pretty raunchy week, not in the good way. I kind of feel like my emotional life has taken on an aspect of "chemical bus toilet, DFW to Chicago nonstop," but when you take into account that I'm living on about $8 a week for the essentials (beer, smokes, gas) with nothing left over for non-essentials (food, medicine, fun) and it's all basically because I chose to live this way and I repeatedly refuse to learn to take care of myself or even attempt to do better, you sort of can understand how I got to the point that I'm hiding in my bed and throwing food objects at people who can't tolerate my pouting. Just so everyone knows, this, too, is somewhat likely to pass. Assuming everyone stops patting me and telling me how worried they are that I'm having such a hard time. For those of you who didn't grow up in my childhood home, the way to treat Kellye is this: pretend nothing is happening and that everything is all right, especially if things go a bit wonky. If behavior becomes troublingly erratic, leave or otherwise disengage yourself. Return when regular "only semi-erratic" behavior is restarted, pretend nothing happened. Thank you.

On a related note, persons who use the disturbing word "blogoverse" in any context othere than condemnation will be summarily shot. This is not a drill.