Tuesday, March 30, 2004


we had a little snafu here Sunday--the computer got totally ass-invaded by some adware/spyware shit that shut us down until today. We may have gotten it all out; the little fucker keeps re-building itself, and our $79 "upgrade" of McAfee Security Center "doesn't recognize this file" all damn day, but it seems to be under control now. In other news, the weather has been in the 70's for weeks now, and today it's in the 50's and the boy cat has gone totally berserk. Both cats have been working into the summer reality of basking in the sun and lazily staring at things, now he's seized the cool weather and is doing that whole autumn "killing frenzy of death" thing where anything that exists on this plane (and some that don't) is being systematically treated to a full-service slaying. He's about a year and a half old now. The girl (11 last week) is lying cynically in a window, yawning in the meanest possible way.

a child learns what she lives

A little background for this story; I've had a lot of 'platonic' male roomates. I relate to guys really well. I lived in a big party house with four guys and a couple of their assorted friends for over a year. I learned how to blow a grass harp, light a lighter in my pocket without setting myself on fire, juggle, spit, crack my neck, belch and fart unapologetically in mixed company, and watch porn in a group while drinking beer as nonchantly as if it were old episodes of Sesame Street, along with other specialized 'guy tricks.' But my guy friends gradually moved away or got engaged or went to jail or started dating strippers, and we grew apart. For about 3 years I've had predominantly female friends and I thought I was re-socialized.
So, a friend of mine called me a while back and said, "You dissapeared this weekend, what did you do?" and I told her I'd just chilled on the couch all weekend watching movies my mom had sent me. So she asks, "What kind of movies?" and I say, "Chick flicks, mostly. You know. Resevoir Dogs, Grosse Pointe Blank, Fight Club, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels...like that." And she goes, "I don't know what's weirder; that your mom sent you a box with those movies in it, or that you think those are 'chick flicks.'"