Sunday, August 22, 2004

So I'm having my first normal period in 4 months,

and that should be enough to chase you all away. But I actually am, and I'm really happy about it, although physically I've seldom been more miserable. Avid readers will remember that I've been having some "lady trouble" consisting of (upsetting phrase warning) weird bleeding patterns that led me to rashly state I was having my uterus removed at the earliest convienence, as I had forgotten that this neccesitated surgery, which I won't undergo for freaky reasons of my own. Or for that matter, going to see the "lady" doctor, which I'm almost as averse to as I am to sharks. So I'm (upsetting phrase warning) totally stoked that I'm having a normal (for me) period this time. Well, slightly on the "uncomfortable" end of normal-for-me, anyway. Usually when I have cramps, they make female area?, hell, my vulva hurt like the dickens, and I had two days of the near-worst cramps I've ever had (which pale in comparison to some my friends have told me about) before I ever started, followed by two more days of cramps while the whole process took effect. For my sensitive readers, let's just say that a whole box of "Wounded Knee" size tampons have gone to meet their maker. And it's given no sign of stopping yet. But I will put up with anything to not have to consider getting fixed. So I'm happy. Plus the cramping stopped, so I no longer feel like my vulva is about to fall off. Yaaayyyy!