Sunday, October 01, 2006

I love when things just come together.

I can't remember what exactly I wanted to write about tonight, but it had to do with W.H. Auden, whom I've been reading lately. For about the last 4 years. On and off. And I've barely made it through about twenty of his poems in one book of his collected stuff. But I think I'm getting it.

I, of course, got interested in him in high school. When I first saw Four Weddings and a Funeral and heard John Hannah give the devastating recital of "Funeral Blues" at Gareth's funeral. Years later I finally bought a book of his poetry and started trying to really understand every line. So far I get "Funeral Blues" and parts of "Song For St. Cecelia's Day" and "In Memory of Sigmund Freud" (strangely enough) and "The Quest." I think.

Anyway, I wanted to write something about something I read tonight and I got online to IMDb to look up the movie to find a link to the poem and found all kinds of wonderful information that is super-exessively linked above. And when I happened to casually click on the "reccomendations" link (which I almost never do) I discovered a revelation about how I feel about romance and love, divulged in the fickle heart of "user ratings" I'm not sure exactly what it means, but I'm working on it.

Then, looking for a few stray links I wanted to include but couldn't find, I stumbled upon this article about this poem of his. And I feel like I understand several things now that I didn't before. Which I hope you do now also.