Wednesday, August 25, 2004

So, I've been disgusting lately and I pledge to stop

Because, frankly, a normal period after 4 months of irregularity of the worst kind, kind of heals you, man. So I'm totally happy, completely sloshed, and about to go chase raccoons off of my carport. Hey, fuck you, it isn't your carport.

I've finished a huge amount of the bathroom, but he picture I have to give you is a week old. My favorite thing about pictures of the floor is that there's always a huge jumbled mishmash of tools somewhere in each one. Yes, I really am that messy and disjointed, and yes, I do still have all of my fingers, but that amazes me every time I unplug the saw. So here it is, the floor and the new parts of the tub surround frame:

Ta daaaaaahhh! Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the floor done within an inch of the doorjamb and the tubsurround done. So there!