Thursday, December 02, 2004

Meatball sandwich

So, both our computers bit the big burrito yesterday and have been taken to the Computer Urgent Care center. The only thing they have in common is having been taken to the same Computer Urgent Care center last week, and now neither of them will turn on, and it's very annoying and I'm writing this at the Library. Ick. Not that I don't think it's a wonderful thing for the library to offer internet access, and everyone should use it who doesn't have two perfectly good (till last week) computers at which they can type in their nightgown and no one looks at them funny. Anyway, everything else is okay, except my evil grandma (I have two, one is good and one is evil...okay, mentally ill and unable to control her good-evil axis) had a seisure and went in the hospital and had two more seizures and they're trying to get her put in a home, which is where she has needed to be for the last 20 years. Phil, I'll write you soon, I haven't forgotten about you, just let me get over some of this static. Feel free to write until I do, tho.