Thursday, September 30, 2004

Doing physical labor for money sucks, as an economical system.

I would much rather be paid for my "potential" than my actual output. Everyone's always telling me how much "potential" I have, but I'm only getting paid slightly more than minimum wage (and about $3/hr less than my last real job) to do the hardest work I've done since the last Christmas I worked gift-retail. And everyone keeps telling me it's going to get harder. Friday will be harder. October will be harder, the holidays will be immeasureably harder. At least 98% of the people I work with don't suck. Today.
In other news, do you automatically die when your feet melt and your legs fall off, because that's pretty much what I think is going to happen soon. Jesus. Working for a living. Totally overrated.

P.S. I ran into my manager about 10 minutes after I clocked out today, in the grocery store. She was buying groceries for tomorrow and I was buying 18 LoneStar tallboys in a big fucking hurry. Hurray for job security!