Monday, March 01, 2004

10 Things about Me

  1. I'm not as happy as I seem most of the time.
  2. I'm not as sad as I seem sometimes, either.
  3. I have just a few friends, but I cherish them desperately.
  4. I have horrible communication skills.
  5. I own and refer regularly to actual print copies of The Elements of Style and a rather large Dictionary and smaller Thesarus. Yes, my computer will do those things for me, I just like to do it myself.
  6. My best friend in the world is named Jessica, and I love her exactly twice as much as the most that I've ever hated her.
  7. I love beer. It isn't a requited love, but it is a real love.
  8. People don't like me as much as I think they do.
  9. Charm isn't everything. Somebody has to clean up the puke.
  10. I like telling my blog things about me, and there will be more of these lists.

A Semi-Grand Journey Begins!

Aha!, first post. I suppose if I thought anyone but me would read this, I'd try to make a good impression, but my grandstanding is largely lost on me. So, blogging is for the blogger, seize the blog, you have nothing to blog but blog itself: here I go. The purpose and mission of this...thing is to give me a sort of record and reference for the next little bit of my life. I'm slowly changing directions in my aspirations (or lack thereof) and plan (see previous parenthesis) for the next up-to-sixty-years.
More to the point, I'm going from having little or no aspirations above earning enough money to subsist on diner food and beer, and not leaving my house very much.
To this end, I've lost my job (in May 2003), moved back in with my folks, taken a long vacation from being a grownup and a shorter vacation in my mom's truck over most of the southwest, and learned to knit. Here will be where I update myself to my progress toward my goals (as soon as I get some) and possibly begin to feel a little connected to this big thing they call the "internet."