Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Progress Report

I've only finished a meager half of the ribbing for the second Broad Street mitt, which is kind of dissapointing. But, Persistence will pay off, I'm sure. The next thing I'm casting on is the Official Kitty 62 hat, for me this time. Which of course means that I will knit it exactly to the pattern, not alter it on the fly, and not think I know better than the pattern writer, who is more experienced and brilliant than I am. And who, after all, alrealdy has a workable hat in this pattern, unlike some people I could mention. Even though her head is probably not as massive as theirs.
The only alteration I am going to make is to use black Lion Brand Fun Fur in it. I was thinking of doing it like the devil hat, but I am not so sure now. I'll have to swatch and see.