Thursday, October 28, 2004

new posty goodness

I've done my new job orientation yesterday and I like my boss tolerably well and I start on Monday (with a tiny second orientation on Saturday). I'm working for the company that does those demos for HEB, I'm going to be a demo lady. It pays way better than the truckstop/smokehouse job and I have 5 co-workers instead of 80, one manager instead of 6, and a much higher degree of autonomy. Plus I'll be getting a larger raise sooner if I do a good job and there's several chances for advancement in the next months that would get me more hours, more responsibilty and recognition, and most importantly, higher pay. Our town's new, enormous HEB is opening on Monday, so that's what the orientation of Saturday is about. We get a sneak peek at the new store so we know where everything is on Monday. I'm actually kind of excited about the grand opening, in a sick, corporate kind of way.

Oh, here's photos of Hallowigs:

Here's the red one.  You can't see the cables that well in the photo, which is just as well because they're sort of ugly.
here's the black one partially done.  I've already joined it in the round with the largest size of dpns I have, a size smaller than what I knit the rest of it it.  This will prove to be a mistake.
A slightly different view of the black Hallowig.
Here's the black one done and on me.  I have the world's most enormous head, and a fair amount of hair, so the too-smallness of the crown is exaggerated.
My head is not really this lumpy, it's just the way I pinned up my hair.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

First of all...

I got the better job for sure and I start Wednesday, so I'm happy. And I start Wednesday, but I don't work again after that until at least Monday, so I'm thrilled to have All Hallows off. Yayy! Even if this job sucks as much as the one I'm working now (not likely--I love 98% of the people I work with, but the work is too hard for my old body and I hate the customers 79% of the time), I still make $1.50 more an hour! Yayyy!

Anyhoo, I put Hallowig pictures up on the Hallowig-along and I'll be putting finished pictures here, as soon as I take them. In the meantime, click on the Hallowig-along button in the sidebar under "knitting" and "knit-alongs" and it will take you to a page where you can see my current in-progress pictures.

In other news, my friend Kathey (who I've been horribly neglectful of whilst I've been doing work stuff) is having her birthday today (the 24th) and has just bought a house and found a lump in her armpit, so please, please send her your most positive energy for a healthful and happy conclusion to both events (I'm not including her birthday as an event, as she's gotten through those before with no help. You might send her psychic Birthday Love, tho.) She's such a love, if you knew her you'd feel as blessed as I do.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I rock.

If only I really was a drunken, wastrel pirate with a speech impediment. Then I could truly be happy! I haven't heard about the better job yet but I know I will. I'm excited about it and going to work in the meantime is only as depressing and painful as I let it be. Which is unfortunately pretty damn depressing and painful, but at least I know that the problem is really me. Hee hee.

Tomorrow I'm posting pictures of my Hallowigs to here and the wig-along for everyone to see, but while I was taking pictures of them and getting all fired up and knitting on them some I realized that I somehow skipped three decreases all at the same marker on the black wig. I don't know how many times I have to say it, people. Don't knit drunk, I tell you. In related news, I trimmed my hair the other night. Anyway, picture picture picture, bitch bitch bitch. Thanks for listening.
Good night.

p.s. Kathey, I'm writing you a letter tomorrow also. I would do it tonite but I'm really sleepy and I have tomorrow off, and I'm so excited about getting some good sleep and maybe being in a good mood tomorrow that I have to go do it! Loves ya! Talk to you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm in a terrible mood

and I just want to be left alone. I might hear about getting a better job this week, or I might not. Either way, I had a terrible day today and I'd rather just sleep. G'night.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Goodbye, cruel world

When the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, etcetera, etcetera. I'm really only joking, but it's how I feel today. Plus it would just be so pathetically funny to write your doing-myself-in note on your blog. Just think about it. If somebody told you that they heard someone wrote the final letter on their blog and then really did it, you would laugh and say, "That's sad." Then you would laugh some more.

Thinking further about the title and first line here, I'd like to start a movement to change the official "stereotypical suicidal melodromatic saying" from "goodbye cruel world" to "screw you guys, I'm going home." I think it says more about our current culture and apathy. That's all for today. I thought I got a better job, but they just called to tell me they hired someone else. I hate my job and it sucks and I hate everyone who works there and I smell like barbecue on my day off and I hate everything, so, screw you guys, I'm going home.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Vote or not?

The crazy guys that started up have got all het up about the election coming up and desperately want you to vote. They don't care who you vote for or why, they just want you to do it, and they want you to do it so bad they'll give you money for it! You can enter a sweepstakes to win two hundred thousand dollars by clicking right here and when you do, I'll be entered to win one hundred thousand dollars for telling you about it, then you can tell some people to enter and when they do you'll be entered to win one hundred thou. It's a win-win. Do it. Doitdoitdoitdoit. Do it. You know you want to vote. You know you want an ass-load of money.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Please just take this post and slit my throat with it.

I worked from 12:30 to 8:30 today, completely non-stop. I ended up not taking a break at all (my fault--I should have forced the issue like everyone else had to, but I couldn't see making that kind of fuss for 20 minutes of sitting in the back rubbing my feet and weeping.) and I never stood still unless I was taking an order or waiting for a workstation so I could fill an order. The people I work with are nicer and nicer as they warm up to me and I had a good time talking to them when I could (mostly out of the corners of our mouths as we stood working at adjacent tables for 30 seconds or a minute) and I like working a lot better when I'm constantly busy than when I have long stretches when I'm idle. So it's kind of okay. And that's all I have to say today.

Also, I started another Hallowig where I'm cabling the knit ridges. This one is red. I started one about a week ago that's black and has plain ridges and is about an inch and a half shorter than reccomended because it's for my mom and she's really tiny. The red one is for my friend who really needs a Hallowig right now. Maybe it won't suck too much and I'll finish both of them and post some silly pictures. Love you guys, please stick with me until I get over this starting work shit and start posting again.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Not talking about my job today

It's still kind of weird to me to even have a job after so long, and it's really kind of frustrating to talk about it. It isn't terribly hard or challenging, and I've done jobs way harder, whether we're talking mentally or physically. And almost (I'd say 98.6% of about 80 people) everyone is being really nice and understanding and helpful, and I'm not the only new kid, so my mistakes aren't in the spotlight so much. But I'm totally out of shape and condition, so standing for 8 hours is killing me, and I know I'll get stronger almost immediately, but when I hit the wall I want to quit.

Oh, I guess I am talking about my job today. I just keep telling myself, "You can do this. This is nothing, you can totally do this. There are people here who can do this who are waaaaayy less smart and resourceful than you. And someone still might call you back for a better job..." I'm off tomorrow, and I plan to drink all day so I won't be hungover on Sunday when I work again. I'm actually too tired and sore to drink tonite, if you can believe it. I mean, really.

I wrote a really long, really positive upbeat post about the job day before yesterday, but when I clicked 'save as draft' my computer re-started and Jesus erased that post because He hates lies and the lying liars that tell them. Or something like that, I'm watching The 700 Club because my feet really hurt and I want to press them up against the screen when that blond lady starts healing people. Maybe if she mentions my screaming, melting feet I'll turn Baptist or something. Okay, okay, really this is just what comes on after Whose Line is it Anyway? and I'm too lazy to get up and find the clicker.

Okay, post over, I'm going to take a hot bath and read my book. G'nite!