Thursday, April 29, 2004

I'm a little behind...

and a lot up front! Harr, harrrrr, har! Ummm, I haven't posted a lot the last few days. I got about 15 books from the library Monday and have been rabidly reading for days. And actually, I have a great big ass, too. Tee hee.
I'm making slow, painful progress on the shapely tank, I've just started the increases after the waist and am contemplating where to stop the variegated and start the solid white. I'm really excited about it, but I'm losing my steam all the same. I was sitting there deciding whether to do the increased by knitting in front and back of a stitch or doing a make-one, and I started thinking, 'ohh, my feet are cold, maybe I should start those socks.....or I could work on the afgan...mmmm....Dad's hands look cold...I should finish his mitts.' So pathetic. Anyhoo, I'm doing really well, if you discount the extreme moodiness and the blinding flashes of murderous rage and the momentary depths of suicidal depression, and the entire sloughs of, I really am doing okay. Not that I'm completely kidding about all that other stuff, but I'm pretty good all the same.

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