Saturday, April 24, 2004

Everybody is talking about you.

Find out what they're saying here. It's called Googlism and it uses Google to compile a list of statements that have been made about people with your name. Try it out! Selections from mine are below. Of course, I ran a couple of friends through, too. My favorites from theirs:

Jessica is not a substitute for counseling.
Kathey is new to the organic produce aisle.
Mary is looking to hire hundreds of monsters.
Mac is an old hound that can't hunt.

And there are so many more. Feel free to put your favorites in the comments for this post if I missed them.

kellye is:
  • convinced that she single handedly saved hip
  • one and so is my daughter chloe
  • leading the red team
  • 5 months pregnant with a baby boy
  • easier
  • honored to have been selected to play country legend patsy cline
  • sales manager for broadband ip
  • a true treasure hunter & expert at finding bargains on good used books
  • shy
  • actively pursuing her christian music
  • better than the last one
  • definitly my most treasured friend
  • in demand as a performer and for public appearances
  • the great niece of country western singer johnny cash and a former miss america
  • currently the vice president
  • my daughter and partner in ministry
  • getting some dinner guests this evening
  • there and tells charles that they have to prep the patients
  • a soulful balladeer with a deep rich r & b sound

The sick part is that there are so few people named "Kellye" that I already know who most of those are referring to due to having Googled my name about a dozen times. Most of them are from Kellye Cash or Kellye Gray. On the bright side, at least I have some. I tried to Googlize my mom, Bonnye, and there wasn't even one statement.
You can also Googlize a what, where or when. Here's a when for my birthday. Fun stuff. Thanks to Sonja of Whimworks and Jen of Monkeyknits and Alison of Brainylady whose blogs I found it in.