Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Remember when you used to be a teenager...

and you used to lie around on your bed, playing with fire and listening to heavy metal and thinking about suicide and Christian Slater (not necessarily in that order)? Remember those poems you used to write, that you kept in that notebook with all the really deep drawings and drafts of fan letters? No? Must just be me. Anyway, regain your (my) youth at the Bad Poetry Generator. It combines horrible, angst-ridden poetry with another obsession of my teen-hood, Mad-Libs. Here's mine:

Desperate Rain

I feel so desperate and angry sometimes,

sometimes i want to rasp my heart and die,

the rain is so sorry-ass and sad,

the clouds sound like Kali.

I feel so desperate and angry,

nobody understands my redemptive, gloomy pain,

I want to ride and chase in the rain

the rain reminds me of feeling angry, the clouds mock my regret,

sometimes i want to rasp my heart and die,

underneath the sorry-ass, lowering sky

believe it or not, I actually discarded the first one and chose new words after I understood how the script was going to use my choices...how lame...I'm a Mad Libs nerd! P.S. The site is run by a girl named Laura who seems pretty cool...visit her sidebar and at least try out her other "mewlibs" and visit her store...and click on "advice" under "fun" and get some advice. You need it. I know you do. I did.

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