Saturday, June 26, 2004

No post today...

leftbecause I don't feel like it. I know that's dumb, posting about how I'm not going to post, but I feel like I'm here at the computer, I can't just ignore the blog, but I really don't feel like writing anything. Tho, I apparently do because I am.
I finished the front to the Shapely Tank and cast on the back, I'm about to the second complete wrap row and I'm having serious 'second sock syndrome' because my hands are tired and I already did this once. I guess at least this time I don't have to do the bust short rows. Unless I get any fatter. And you know I'm already planning the next one, so I don't know why I'd balk at the back of the first one. I'm such a dork. Anyway, I might also cast on for this cute little knitted cat I found on Wool Works. There's no picture, so beyond the basic idea I get from reading the pattern, I have to knit it to know what it looks like. I have some cute cotton yarn in a sort of peachy-to-ivory variegated that might make a cute little tabby. We'll see. And I want to start the front of Noah's sweater, but I don't have a single pair of 6 needles, which is what I need for the ribbing at the bottom. I can probably do it with 5's or 7's, but I kinda want to do it exactly right. Oh, screw it. I'll just cast it on and it'll eventually get knitted. I guess the headline is kinda redundant now. Whatever. There's a good funny post about sex, about three posts down on my other blog (the myspace logo in the sidebar) and you should check out Mighty Girl (also in the sidebar under People/Blogs) because she's awesome. Okay, I'm done not posting. Good night!

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