Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A pretty good day

I slept till 2 in the afternoon, then woke up to play with the cats, surf the 'net and read until I cooked dinner. Also worked about 7 inches of my afgan (pictures to come soon if I don't turn 'tard again and delete them) and at least thought about finishing the second of my Broad Street mittens. And printed out some directions for socks. Mmmmm. Socks. I can't wait. I've never knitted a proper sock yet, so this should be good. I also printed out a great tank top pattern, we'll see if I get to do it in the zebra yarn I bought. I swear I'll come back tomorrow and link all the yarns and patterns in this post tomorrow. Anyway, a good day. I'm probably getting up early and hungover tomorrow to either take my resume around town or replace part of the floor in my bathroom, both of which I already knew were overdue and which my mom reminded me were overdue today. Despite which, today was gorgeous. La!

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