Thursday, April 22, 2004

I've got a counter now

so I know I'm not the only person on Earth who looks at my blog. Oh, good blog news: mom is springing for the new computer, so lots of superfun pictures are soon to be uploading. Yaayyyy. Also, if you are actually reading my blog (I'm blushing!) you should join Myspace because the other half of my severely bi-polar, borderline-personality-disorder blog meat is there, and you have to belong to see it. And, if you ask me to, we can be friends. And I'm really vain and I want you to read every slippery word that comes slithering out of my brain. Even though I may not know you.
Ehhmmmmghhhh. Okay. Now that the creepy blogger-stalking-readers-who-may-or-not-be-there portion of our post is over, I have to tell that I just went on an amazing bike ride. I ride a huge (really, huge. it weighs 50 lbs.) old one-speed beach cruiser with giant knobby sidewalls and huge sweeping handlebars...I'm in love with this bike. And I used it as my sole means of transportation in Austin for two years. That's right, I'm hardcore. Phhhhptt. Anyhoo, one of the cool things about riding a gigantic heavy one-speed bike in Austin is that after a short training period (during which you cry every time you get on the bike for a month) you can power up and down crazy hills using only the immense, scary muscles in your legs. Honestly. There's a small group of people who fear and worship my enormous calves. Being home again, tho, is weird for bike riding because all the land for about 100 square miles is flat as a plate. Which is cool cause you don't have to go up any hills, but sucks because you can't coast down any hills. But today the wind was blowing like crazy and I was exausted from not riding at all for about two months, and forcing my way past the wind was tiring and exilharating. And turning around and riding home with the wind at my back was even better.

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