Tuesday, March 09, 2004

New frustrating pastime

Since I'm tired of learning both html and ASL because I've gotten to the hard parts, it must be time to become obsessed with an internet game! The latest is Bauns from Orisinal over there in the links. Sooooooooo time eating. You must try it....
In other news, took a nice bike ride today, despite the weak cries of my puny, atrophied muscles. I'm trying very hard to get enough physical activity (no, sleep does not count!) into each day that I don't end up unable to lift a book, y'know? So yesterday I took a long bike ride, then rode the stationary bike for an episode of Mad About You, then did some assorted floor flailing until my whole body got together to write a memo. It said, "Stop that right now and drink a beer. Or we'll kill you. We can do it, you know it: do what we say." Of course, I foolishly continued to grunt and roll pitiably around until my body's enforcers helped me understand what a nice calf I have, and how sorry they would be to see anything happen to it. After I finished rubbing my leg and squealing, I went to the fridge and did what they said.
What was I saying, oh, yeah, so that's why I'm feeling, today, the light and pleasurable burn that results when you excersize a little bitty bit after electively spending six months almost exclusively in bed, allowing every muscle fiber in your body to waste away to nothing while indulging a nascent alcoholism and reading trashy novels.

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