Thursday, March 11, 2004

Bored, busted, belligerent...

I've done almost nothing of any consequense for the last two days. Really, here's the list of what I've done:
  1. Read 6 books.
  2. Put my bathing suit on three times, but never made it out of the house to bathe or sun-bathe.
  3. Drove mom to therapy and was snippy with her.
  4. Made dinner once (rather well).
  5. Listened to Songs for Dustmites 7 times.
  6. Started my monthlies whilst hungover and was generally snippy and groan-y.
  7. Planned a slacker trip to Austin for next week.
  8. Got invited to a two-year-old's birthday party.
  9. Watched mom fertilise the yard.
  10. Knitted exactly 12 rows of a slipper.
  11. Played with the cats and fed them catnip until fur flew.
  12. Slept approximately 18 hours.
  13. Spent almost an hour, total, thinking about getting a job.
  14. Spent almost 12 hours, total, thinking about getting drunk.

So you can see how well my stated goal of getting some goals and achieving them is going. Whoooo-eee. You don't get success like this by going out and doing things, kids, this is regular old, blood, sweat and tears, hardcore, old school slacking. They don't teach this stuff in school anymore. Woo.

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