Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Blogging seems to be addictive

So here I am, drunkish and mawkish and who-knows-what else, wishing my shout-out (jeez, am I showing my age?) to my friends had gone heeded, but as it hasn't, my sweet, sweet blog will absorb my garrulousness. So, I've been thinking again. As though that hadn't been proved so, so wrong in the past.
Mostly I've been thinking about knitting, as I've just finished Kitty62's Adults Only Devil Hat after having made some ill-advised novice alter-on-the-fly alterations. The only part that turned out awesome is that I joined some Bernat Boa in Pheonix on after the seed stich border and knitted the stockinette portion all in it, so the band, earflaps, ties and horns are regular red worsted weight, and the main part of the hat is flame-colored fur. I always think my head is smaller than it is. Anyway, as I was making this particular hat to give away, I only have to downsize the head I was thinking of it for...although now I'll have to find a recipient before beginning some matching mitts, (...and since I live in Texas, and it is March, I'll have to think about who it will fit above Oklahoma, or next winter...my life is tedious, yet so engaging to me.)
Anyway, as soon as I have pictures, I'll arrange to post them (involves upgrading the blog, harder than you would think, considering blogspot arguably must make a little money off it) and of the Broad Street Mittens, from Knitty I'm knitting. So far have one done, (in Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Sea Blue, now must figure reversing it to knit other....until now, I thought knitting above my skill was helping build skills, now I wonder if it's helping or hurting...

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