Sunday, September 12, 2004

Oh, yeah

My free webstat thingie, their servers crashed and ate dirt and killed everything, so I have no more webstats. If they end up finding the data and reinstating their service, I might go back with them, but I'm too disheartened to try to start over with someone new. That was part of why I wasn't posting for a while, because when the site crashed the code in my template that let them read my visitor info went hooonutty and my blog could only publish from the top down to where the code was, and it reads down the template like: background, title, headline, sidebar top to bottom, posts top to bottom. And the webstat code was right below the "e-mail me!" part of the sidebar, so I had no blog for like two days and I knew what the general problem was but not which tags were actually causing it, and I didn't have the energy to find it, but then I tried to check my stats and got a huge "you've been buttfucked" error message and ran over to the template and fixed it. The other part of the problem was that Blogger wasn't always publishing my posts when I clicked "Publish Post," it was sometimes deleting them because of some problem, probably with my crappy internet provider.

In other news, I still need a job even though I applied for two jobs in two days. < sigh > This is so hard. But I really do have to get focused and do it. I have to cut the lawn tomorrow and do some sorting of boxes of crap, then Monday I'm applying for out of town jobs in the morning and driving around and applying for any job I see a sign for here in town. Send me good thoughts. You know, or a check. I'm not particular.

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