Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Blogging Bore Bears Brunt of Bestial Bonks

Sorry, I just wanted an alliterative headline. So, I took off another weekend to go loaf around Austin, but I swear it's the last time. This month. By which I mean August, because Ozzmodiar rocked the pants off Houston. Everything was exactly right, the sound was perfect and they were so on it hurt, such a good show I was mesmerized, but there was almost no one there. Including you, Matthew. You're in serious trouble, bro. Run. Hide. Weep.

And they're playing the Rhythm Room again September 30th, opening for Hairy Apes BMX, who are so well known around Austin that I've actually heard of them, and I'm really excited to see Ozzmodiar that good again with a decent crowd.

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