Friday, August 06, 2004

I drove into Houston tonite to see Ozzmodiar and they rocked. They played at the Rythm Room on Washington Ave. and you should have been there. Really, you should have. There weren't near enough people. I really enjoyed the show and, despite the self-critiques each member gave themselves afterwards, they really did do well. Plus, as the 'groupie' who had travelled the farthest to see them play, I got to operate the video camera.

Hey, speaking of me driving an hour and a half to see them, what happened to the Houstonian friends I called to meet me there? You guys suck! (Does not apply to the members of the myspace group I messaged last night...just the personal friends I called and told the address, phone number and website of the club, and Ozzmodiar's website to download music from, plus leaving my number in case they needed a ride.)

Anyway, I had to go because I've never seen them in Houston, plus yesterday was the birthday of my favorite member, who has been my best friend for these past many years. She needed cookies and a hand-made birthday card. She just did. I also bought her a beer, but right after that I ran out of money and she bought me a beer, so that didn't work so well. Anyway, it was a great night, there was no traffic and the directions I printed out from Rhythm Room's website were perfect. I even managed to reverse them successfully. Yayy! I had a great night.

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