Friday, July 09, 2004

Martha Stewart is my bitch.

That's right, it's a Martha Stewart prison joke. Months and months too late, and in poor taste as well. Take it, bitch, take it all. You know you love it.

Phhhhhhtt. Sorry. Anyway, the reason Martha's my bitch is this:
I made meringue.  Lots of meringue, Martha.  And I piped it into shapes.   
Here's a little meringue custard cup with a vanilla flavored sugar cookie in the bottom.  Okay, it's a Nilla Wafer, but you're still my bitch.   
Here's my personalized lemon custard with a meringue monogram.   
Here's a cup filled with custard, and a meringue puff on top.
So basically, I rock. I'm a domestic goddess and no one can resist my insanely good cooking. Oh, yeah, Martha? Here's two upside-down cakes I've made recently:
Pineapple. Mmmmm, mmmm.   
Peachy goodness.
Old-fashioned, even, with poundcake cake from scratch and made in a skillet my great-great-grandma brought from Illinois in a covered wagon. And fresh pineapple, cherries, and peaches. Okay, okay, the fruit was canned. But the rest of it is true! So, Martha, what you got?

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