Saturday, June 19, 2004

Rosebud Actually

Okay, so I'm up late last night drinking wine and watching movies. The only hitch is, about six months ago my tv decided only to show color when it wants to. So it occasionally would show a few minutes of whatever you were watching in black and white. Kind of like everything was The Wizard of Oz And here I am, pauvre bebe (actually more like 'lazy bitch,' but I can't spell that in French), I do nothing about it. So about three months ago, the whole balance switched so that it showed about half color and half black and white. And now you only get a minute or two of color, lasting maybe 40 seconds.
And, of course, being a child of my generation, I am trained to think of anything shown in black and white as a "classic" movie (not that that means anything now that Rocky has entered the oeuvre), an experience in cinema, a brilliant work by a directorial auteur beyond compare.
Which makes watching Love Actually on this tv a little jarring. Not that it's a bad movie, it's plenty fun and great, but Hugh Grant boogieing down the stairs in the PM's Residence is no Citizen Kane. Y'know?
The other thing I'd like to talk about, concerning Love Actually, is the use of color to signify emotions, but it turns out everything is significant when seen only in less-than-a-minute flashes. Never mind.

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