Friday, April 09, 2004

Oh, I went to do the

Friday Five, but the site runs exeptionally slow and they haven't had any questions up for several weeks, and the questions this week are about your job, which I don't have and feel bitter about since I ran out of money, and I'm in a bad mood, which I might have mentioned, so I'm instituting my own list of interesting and inquisitive questions. I put the answers to the real Friday five on her message board as "kellye.zebra" if you're interested. It doesn't really run that slow, just when you try to type.
1....What's the meaning of life?
*Ha, ha, ha.

2. How do you cope with minor dissapointment?
*By emotionally attacking those around me.

3. Why are you so gloomy and depressed when thousands of people all over the world are in worse conditions than you and are still happy?
*Because I am smarter than they are.

4. Then why don't you drink a lot and take lots of drugs so you can be dumb and happy?
*I'm working on it. It's taking longer than I thought.

5. What's the most disturbing thing you've thrown up in the last two months?
*Blood. Or vanilla ice cream. I'm still deciding which was worse. If I can go farther back than two months, it's a tie between any dish with rice and any dish with spaghetti. Urrrrgghhhh. That's nasty.

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