Monday, April 12, 2004

Now with yiffing! Yayyyyy!

I wanted the Web Fire Escape so bad, but after I got it, I realized that all two people who read me probably don't have to worry about needing it, so I started having evil thoughts. I thought, the only solutions is for my fire escape to go somewhere so bad that just rolling your mouse over it would give you chlamidya. Like if it was a real, physical fire escape on your building and you were using it to escape a fire, you'd get one foot out there and see all the shit-flinging-monkey-on-kitten porn and pull your leg right back in. 'No, I'm fine, I'll just stay in here where it's nice and warm.' I'm still looking around for just such a place, but I think I found something real nice for the meantime. Just take some penicillin, click on the "evil fire escape" button over there and brace yourself, Margaret. I'll be changing it whenever the mood strikes me, hopefully to something worse every time. All the past masters will end up in the "wtf?" section of the links, way down there, which is pretty much turning into the "weird smut" section, I guess. Enjoy!

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