Friday, March 05, 2004

More Progress

I'm now about 1/3 of the way up the thumb gusset increase for the mitt and after several false starts where I had to frog out a few rounds, I think I've gotten the reverse correct. I'm knitting way above my technical ability on this one, which is usually fine if I go exactly by the pattern, but this is a 5 page pattern for the left mitten, then at the end it says, "reverse pattern for right mitten." Which is harder than you think. I've been looking at the completed left mitten in the mirror, and that seems to help figure out how my dislexic self is supposed to spontaneously generate an exact opposite mitten.
On another note, I always try to check any link in my posts or sidebar, and I noticed this morning that the link for the mitt in my previous post doesn't work, and when I tried to troubleshoot, I found that not only is the code (as far as I can tell) okay, when you click on the link it doesn't even go to the right place, so I'm doing something really wrong. Hopefully the link in this one works, or it's in the archive on Knitty, link in sidebar (I checked and that one does work).

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